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“Speech is often only the beginning of hatred’s rise,” says opinion editor at the University of Virginia student newspaper while calling others racists, homophobes, transphobes and misogynists

In American academia today, it is perversely common for student journalists to spend time devising arguments to try to justify shutting down speech. Even more curious, they do this on the basis of protecting the marginalized. One would think that those who have traditionally lacked a voice would not be
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Panic Strikes Editors of The Daily Orange, the Student Newspaper at Syracuse University, When They Realize That They Have Published a Non-Woke Item About the Sexualization of Everything at the School

I am going to be fairly brief here because I want to get this item posted while the news is still fresh. Here is the story. Like many people concerned about the wokeification of American academia and the slide into sexual decadence and mindless promiscuity of young adults at American
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