Adding in Eunuchs--Part 1 of “A Layperson Reads the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People, Version 8”

Seemingly overnight, we have entered a dark world in which medical “experts” assure us that it is in the best interest of boys and girls to chop off their penises, slice their breasts off and pump them full of hormones and other substances in order to block the normal development of their bodies.

When these manifestly evil people are interviewed by complicit media outlets (such as National Public Radio), they often use neutral-sounding terms like “guidelines,” “best practices” and “standards of care.”

It is this last term that we will focus on in this series, “A Layperson Reads the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People, Version 8.”

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is one of the organizations that those pushing the transgenderist agenda often cite as a fount of wisdom about the “treatment” of those who are convinced that they have been born into the “wrong” bodies. The trouble is, WPATH itself admits that it is as much a political organization as a medical one:

WPATH envisions a world wherein people of all gender identities and gender expressions have access to evidence-based health care, social services, justice, and equality.

It engages in deliberately obfuscatory phraseology in order to advance its aim of persuading us that there are more than two genders and that drastic measures vis-a-vis the bodies of troubled “transgender and gender diverse (TGD)” people must be taken:

Healthcare systems should provide medically necessary gender-affirming health care for TGD people

The terms “medically necessary” and “gender-affirming,” in any sane conception of medicine, have nothing to do with one another. It is never medically necessary to "change" one’s gender. The transgenderists have concocted various mental disorders, conditions and diseases to justify mutilating surgery and heavy drug regimens.

Much of this scheme to normalize these ghastly practices is via what are known as the Standards of Care, the latest version of which was published in 2022:

One of the main functions of WPATH is to promote the highest standards of health care for individuals through the Standards of Care (SOC) for the health of TGD people. The SOC-8 is based on the best available science and expert professional consensus. The SOC was initially developed in 1979, and the last version was published in 2012.

We are told:

While this is primarily a document for health care professionals, individuals, their families, and social institutions may also use the SOC-8 to understand how it can assist with promoting optimal health for members of this diverse population.

Very well, then--let’s all acquaint ourselves with this document. That is what this series will do.

Please note: this series is not a self-indulgent, esoteric exercise. These Standards of Care delineate and promulgate what purportedly responsible medical people are expected to endorse and are cited by those who, for example, remove the healthy breasts of healthy girls, perform hysterectomies on girls free of any disease that would justify that procedure, create fake penises for otherwise healthy girls, remove the penises of otherwise healthy boys and “feminize” those boys. These “standards” are creating a culture in which normal girls are processed like salami via the surgeon’s knife and pharmaceuticals into a simulacrum of maleness and boys are sliced into “girlhood” and actual girls are expected to treat them as such. These “standards,” therefore, cry out for close reading.

In today’s installment, we will work our way through the introduction of the report.

We read:

The overall goal of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH) Standards of Care—Eighth Edition (SOC-8) is to provide clinical guidance to health care professionals to assist transgender and gender diverse (TGD) people in accessing safe and effective pathways to achieving lasting personal comfort with their gendered selves with the aim of optimizing their overall physical health, psychological well-being, and self-fulfillment. This assistance may include but is not limited to hormonal and surgical treatments, voice and communication therapy, primary care, hair removal, reproductive and sexual health, and mental health care.

Note the term “lasting personal comfort with their gendered selves.” Very little of this psychobabble has anything whatever to do with any actual, organic illness. It is not about using medical methods (e.g., “hormonal and surgical treatments”) to treat disease or injury. No, it is demanding that medical systems and taxpayers around the world subsidize and validate the quest for “self-fulfillment” of a dysfunctional subculture. To do otherwise would be “transphobic.” The political aims of this supposedly medically-oriented professional organization are laid out in no uncertain terms:

WPATH recognizes that health is not only dependent upon high-quality clinical care but also relies on social and political climates that ensure social tolerance, equality, and the full rights of citizenship. Health is promoted through public policies and legal reforms that advance tolerance and equity for gender diversity and that eliminate prejudice, discrimination, and stigma. WPATH is committed to advocacy for these policy and legal changes. Thus, health care professionals who provide care to TGD people are called upon to advocate for improved access to safe and licensed gender-affirming care while respecting the autonomy of individuals.

Do you really want your child to be treated by a physician who regards “gender-affirming” care as the answer to everything? Do you want the legal system “reformed” so as to make it easier for strangers (like in California) to castrate your son without your consent or even knowledge?

We are told in the introduction to the document:

The SOC-8 continues to outline the appropriate care of TGD youth, which includes, when indicated, the use of puberty suppression and, when indicated, the use of gender-affirming hormones.

Think about that. This is a “medical” organization that regards as appropriate pathologizing and suppressing the perfectly normal development of the human body. That is, quite simply, monstrous.

And remember what “gender-affirming” means—it means denying the actual sex you are and using surgery and drugs and wardrobe changes and hairstyles to “become” a member of the opposite sex. If the advocacy of these ideas by medical people is not malpractice, what is?

And consider the implications for medical providers of conscience who might dare to try to protect vulnerable children from the transgenderist machine:

WPATH urges health care authorities, policymakers, and medical societies to discourage and combat transphobia among health care professionals and ensure every effort is made to refer TGD people to professionals with experience and willingness to provide gender-affirming care.

Any dissent from the transgenderist book of acceptable language is already often labeled “hate speech”—and such charges can ruin one’s career.

The introduction provides summaries of the chapters in the document as a whole. Here is a sample of what will be covered in this series—note the success that is mentioned in fostering the rise of transgenderist medicine as reflected in referral rates:

Chapter 6—Adolescents

This new chapter is dedicated to TGD adolescents, is distinct from the child chapter, and has been created for this 8th edition of the Standards of Care given (1) the exponential growth in adolescent referral rates; (2) the increase in studies available specific to adolescent gender diversity-related care; and (3) the unique developmental and gender-affirming care issues of this age group. This chapter provides recommendations regarding the assessment process of adolescents requiring GAMSTs as well as recommendations when working with TGD youth and their families.

What are GAMSTs? They are:

gender-affirming medical and surgical treatments (GAMSTs)

What adolescent would “require” such treatments? What kind of “assessment process” would reach a conclusion that a healthy adolescent boy should have his testicles removed?

And if you had any doubts about the strange new world WPATH is creating, read this:

Chapter 9—Eunuchs

This new chapter describes the unique needs of eunuchs, and how the SOC can be applied to this population.

And if ever anything was perfectly designed to cement sexist stereotyping and further misogyny, it would be the creation of a nightmarish soundscape in which surgically altered men who think they are women spend time and taxpayer money in clinical settings learning how to sound (so they think) like women and for troubled women to try to persuade the world that they are not women and sound like men:

Chapter 14—Voice and Communication

This chapter describes professional voice and communication support and interventions that are inclusive of and attentive to all aspects of diversity and no longer limited only to voice feminization and masculinization. Recommendations are now framed as affirming the roles and responsibilities of professionals involved in voice and communication support.

This sounds like a parody (“chest feeding?”), but it is not and is further evidence of the dystopian use of technology to create this brave new misogynistic transgenderist world and rendering unnatural and weird the most intimate human relationships—like that of a mother breastfeeding her child and inserting into that heretofore deeply private corner of maternal love and care, disturbed people “chest feeding”:

Chapter 16—Reproductive Health

This chapter provides recent data on fertility perspectives and parenthood goals in gender diverse youth and adults, advances in fertility preservation methods (including tissue cryopreservation), guidance regarding preconception and pregnancy care, prenatal counseling, and chest feeding. Contraceptive methods and considerations for TGD individuals are also reviewed.

And here we see the way that the “standards” favor anatomy-altering surgery and/or dependence on masculinizing or feminizing pharmaceuticals over what is labeled scarily “conversion therapy” (which often consists of conversation and, yes, prayer):

Chapter 18—Mental Health

This chapter discusses principles of care for managing mental health conditions in TGD adults and the nexus of mental health care and transition care. Psychotherapy may be beneficial but should not be a requirement for gender-affirming treatment, and conversion treatment should not be offered.

So much for treating these unfortunate people, “holistically.” What sort of medical provider would forbid any contact with those who simply want to let a child express her fears and troubles in what is often a very girl-unfriendly world but who thinks nothing of scheduling that same child for a medically unnecessary double mastectomy?

These issues and sinister developments are the focus of this series. These standards are the codification of child abuse on a massive scale masquerading as medicine and a how-to guide on how to transform surgery into ideologically-driven butchery. Read the standards for yourself. I plan to—very carefully, indeed.

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