Hope J. Leman

Hope J. Leman

Hope J. Leman is a grants researcher in biomedicine. She is interested in natural law, history, etc. Hope conducts audio interviews on those subjects as a volunteer for the New Books Network.
đź“Ť Corvallis, Oregon--a hotbed of wokedom

“It’s too easy – it’s like they want you to”—the normalization of theft at George Washington University

Wokeness is bad enough. Now, we have another sign of moral rot at American universities: rampant notions of entitlement and petty theft among students at elite schools. Witness the April 18, 2022 article in the GW Hatchet, the student newspaper at George Washington University, Students defend coffee-theft trend at University
— 3 min read

“Speech is often only the beginning of hatred’s rise,” says opinion editor at the University of Virginia student newspaper while calling others racists, homophobes, transphobes and misogynists

In American academia today, it is perversely common for student journalists to spend time devising arguments to try to justify shutting down speech. Even more curious, they do this on the basis of protecting the marginalized. One would think that those who have traditionally lacked a voice would not be
— 5 min read

Panic Strikes Editors of The Daily Orange, the Student Newspaper at Syracuse University, When They Realize That They Have Published a Non-Woke Item About the Sexualization of Everything at the School

I am going to be fairly brief here because I want to get this item posted while the news is still fresh. Here is the story. Like many people concerned about the wokeification of American academia and the slide into sexual decadence and mindless promiscuity of young adults at American
— 3 min read

The Anti-Racism Grift Machine in Action: The Center for Writing at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities Wants Us to Learn How to be “Racial Beings”

For those of you who wonder why fewer and fewer people are getting advanced degrees in English, look no further than an institute offered by the Center for Writing at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Entitled, Antiracism in the Classroom: Beyond White Privilege the program, offered under the auspices
— 4 min read

Student Government Association at Tax-payer-Funded University of Houston Says Display Your Pronouns or Face Expulsion From Organization—Because It Wants to be Inclusive

We all have heard about the growing movement by the woke left to advance their culture war via, of all things, pronouns. Today, we will examine an example of this at a sizable public research university, the tax-payer funded University of Houston. The key point here is that left-wing students
— 2 min read

College Students Demand Trigger Warnings Because Hearing About Anything That Ever Happened Makes Them Anxious

You may have heard some of the jargon of wokeness and terms related to the various goofy concepts afflicting academia today (e.g., “safe spaces”). Wokesters and the vast psychology-related professional class claim that terms such as “precious snowflakes” cruelly caricature genuine mental health concerns among troubled college students. Maybe.
— 4 min read

The Woke War on the Word “Woman” at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—Student Writers Don’t Get That Females Are the Ones Who Get Abortions

Life ain’t easy for pro-abortion activists these days. The poor things keep getting into wokeness-related muddles. After all, one can’t really make the case that laws restricting abortion are crimes against women if one keeps using words other than oh, say, “woman” and “women” or “female.” Such words
— 2 min read

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