“Every Single Person With a Uterus, Not Just Women”—The Increasingly Weird World of the Pro-Abortion Movement

The battle over the use of the word “woman” in the pro-abortion movement continues.

For decades now, the movement’s mantra has been that the snuffing out of the life of an unborn child is strictly between a woman and her doctor. We have been told that it is all about a woman’s right to privacy, that a woman has the right to control matters concerning her own body, etc.

Enter the transgenderism movement. It is trashing the whole idea of womanhood and the notion that there is any such thing as a woman at all. Well might reproductive “rights” pro-abortion feminists, who have long viewed the religious right and the patriarchy as their sworn enemies and biggest obstacle to abortion everywhere at any time in a pregnancy even up to birth, feel blindsided by a threat from the left in the form of the sexual anarchy of transgenderism.

Today’s example of this internecine warfare and just plain kookiness is an op-ed in a student-run newspaper, The Daily Orange, at Syracuse University. The title of the piece, from March 2022, provides a quick insight into the problem that the transgenderism juggernaut poses for standard issue, pro-abortion radical feminism, Abortion rights are trans men’s and non-binary people’s rights. Talk about muddying the message.

Yes, I know. This is just an article in a college newspaper. But it is at college that future doctors, legislators and policymakers are formed and where transgenderist ideology is developed and drilled into the minds of young people. Therefore, let us examine some of the ideas of and terminology used by the writer.

Many of the ideas expressed by the male writer of this piece would appall conservative women as well as left-leaning, pro-abortion ones. Conservative women, after all, are not in favor of men who think they are women and women who dress up as men, thereby making a mockery of genuine womanhood. But what I am addressing in today’s foray into the strange world of transgenderism is how its proponents at the college newspaper level are complicating life for traditional feminists.

Look at this, for example. The writer says:

With the debate of reproductive health back on the Supreme Court docket, it’s necessary to illuminate the severity of the issue and to show that this will affect every single person with a uterus, not just women.

Who would have thought that such a ridiculous statement would be printed in a college publication? Colleges are supposed be centers of knowledge, after all.

Just to review the basic facts of female anatomy (thanks to a handy-dandy public domain website of the US government):



The hollow, pear-shaped organ in a woman's pelvis. The uterus is where a fetus (unborn baby) develops and grows. Also called womb.

Who exactly are these people with uteruses who are not women and who dwell in the bizarre environs of transgenderism? The writer goes on to explain:

The vast majority of trans men and non-binary people have something in common with cis women: the ability to reproduce and carry a child to term. These people are by no means women, as they have either come out as male or don’t fit within the binary gender construct. However, they still need safe and humane reproductive rights, just as women do. The conversations we hold for abortion are erasing, excluding these groups of people and diminishing their legitimacy.

There is a lot of distasteful weirdness to unpack here, so bear with me. There are various definitions of what a “trans man” is, but the usual definition is that a trans man is a person who lives as a man today, but who was female when the person was born. As I understand it, some have medically “transitioned” and others just “present” as men by donning male attire and mimicking stereotypical male behaviors, etc. All very confusing and wearying. But these "men" seem to hang onto to their uteruses even though, again, the writer tries to persuade us:

These people are by no means women…

The challenge for traditional pro-abortion feminists is to figure out how to address the attacks from these various transgender interest groups and integrate the ideas of the transgender ideologues into their arguments for abortion “rights” given that transgender activists like this writer complain that:

exclusion is within the conversation of abortion itself

The poor pro-abortion standard feminists. They have to keep actual women onboard and therefore they have spent years honing the “woman and her doctor” line and emphasizing that the bodily autonomy of women is at risk. But with the rhetorical and organizational onslaught of the transgenderists, if they don’t welcome into their ranks women who “identify” as men but who argue that they can carry a child to term the old-line feminists will be labeled as bigoted TERFs (“TERF” is short for trans-exclusionary radical feminist) and that can get you de-platformed.

So,  here we have the spectacle of left-wing women facing demands from the transgender movement that they fight to maintain the so-called right to abortion for women who prefer to be regarded as men even as the abortion movement tries to portray itself as mainstream and as American as apple pie. Good luck with that.

What a headache for the pro-abortion movement. Hard to argue that the evil white Christian male is your biggest enemy when you are under attack from women who have renounced their own womanhood and who are convinced that they are men and want you to defend their supposed right to have abortions.

And as the writer himself tells us, this is not the most mentally stable community:

Body and identity insecurity runs deep within these communities

Kind of hard to come up with hard-hitting policy positions when you have to devote time to appeasing screwed-people who think men can give birth and women who despise womanhood and yet are keen on retaining abortion rights for themselves in spite of the fact that they don’t consider themselves women anymore.

Expect to see increased stumbling in the ranks of the pro-abortion movement as they deal with the rise of non-women women and terms such as “birthing people” and the erasure of the words, “women” and “mother.” We will see more and more of this sort of thing:

Every single person with a uterus in this country should have access to safe and affordable abortions. But, as we label this fight solely for women, we refuse to see the bigger picture and how pressing this matter is for those put at the largest disadvantage.

It is hard to see how young women will be galvanized by the pro-abortion movement if they have to change on every poster and every button and in every utterance and policy paper the word “woman” to “person with a uterus.” Doesn’t have much of a ring to it.

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