Farewell, Morehouse Man: The Transgender Movement and the End of Black Masculinity in American Academia

The transgender movement has come for Morehouse College, the only private historically Black liberal arts college for men in the United States.

Now, as a white woman in her late fifties, I can just hear transgenderist warriors and possibly even some Black academics and activists grumbling, “You have no business addressing anything to do with our communities.” But given the central importance of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in American academia, it would be remiss not to address a threat to the unique role that one of these institutions plays in forming what it proudly calls, the Morehouse Man.

The impetus for this article was a webpage that I came across while googling various buzzwords in American academia. In this case, as I recall, it was “gender identity.”

On that page, what struck me immediately was this wording:

This policy is intended to support every individual’s right to self-identification and ensure the continued pursuit of the College’s distinctive mission.

Now, given that Morehouse College is designed to create the Morehouse man, I wondered how this this “self-identification” would work. Doesn’t look promising…

We read:

Morehouse will consider for undergraduate admission those applicants who live and self-identify as men, regardless of the sex assigned to them at birth.

In other words, the Morehouse Man can be, well, a woman. Just one who “self identifies” as a man.

Moving right along, we read:

Morehouse will not consider for admission women or those assigned male at birth who identify as women.

Okay, let me get this straight. You can get into Morehouse College if you are a woman, but you have to be convinced that you are a man. That does not seem fair to women who are women, plain and simple, and who don’t spend time trying to convince the rest of the world that they are men.

And it is awfully strange for a men’s college that accepts women who are masquerading as men to bar men who think they are women. This whole transgender thing is a farce and is snuffing the life out of the Morehouse Man tradition. I wonder if the devisers of these nonsensical policies ran them by alumni. Or did this wackiness just get quietly implemented with no public discussion at all?

As Morehouse accepts women dressed as men as students, it is scrambling to maintain its identity as a men’s college:

Morehouse will continue to use masculine pronouns, the language of brotherhood, and other gendered language that reflects its mission as an institution designed to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service.

So, is the college going to force faculty, staff and students to refer to what are clearly women as if they are men? Does Morehouse teach biology?

And how would this be enforced:

Once admitted, students are expected to continue to self-identify as men throughout their matriculation at Morehouse. If a student transitions from a man to a woman, that student will no longer be eligible to matriculate at Morehouse.

After all, if a woman pretending to be a man can be admitted how logical (or even legal) would be it to ask a male student who has through some alchemy or magical process (abracadabra!) or quackery “become” a woman to leave the school? Sounds like lawsuit city to me.

And in this weird world of gender play acting, it would be up to the president of the college to rule on who is a man. Based on what, exactly?

Exemptions from this rule may be granted by a three-person committee appointed by the President after a written appeal is submitted by the student. In the event that the impacted student disagrees with the decision of the committee, the student may make a final appeal to the President of Morehouse.

The appeal must address why the student desires continuation at Morehouse, a school explicitly designed for men, and any hardship to be incurred by forced withdrawal.

Any hardship? That leaves the gate wide open to litigation based on, ironically enough, discrimination or psychological damage inflicted by insufficiently woke administrators.

It is worth quoting a bit of the description of the Morehouse Man the school itself features on its website—note the emphasis on a straightforward masculinity:

The Morehouse Man

At Morehouse you rise to meet the highest expectations. You join a supportive brotherhood. You find mentors who encourage and challenge you. You do well for yourself. You do good in the world. You learn to lead completely.

A Man In Full

Men of Morehouse strive to be tall enough to wear our crown of high expectations and the title of Morehouse Man. A Morehouse Man is an academic, intellectual, and professional success. Inspired by strong, intelligent, critical, and supportive brothers and teachers, a Morehouse Man endeavors to do the same.

Morehouse brothers become and remain the Morehouse Man’s most influential guides and closest friends. From day one, their brothers inspire them, challenge them, hold them accountable, and stand by them. The Morehouse brotherhood extends across generations, throughout the nation, and into every industry and area of life.

In this close-knit culture, professors do more than teach—they mentor, nurture, and encourage. They offer wise guidance and experienced perspectives, challenging the Morehouse Man to question their assumptions and elevate their ambitions. Morehouse doesn’t push a Morehouse Man in the right direction—we show you how to discover this for yourself, how to find your true path. And own it.

Morehouse Men strive for more than typical successes. They seek to continuously improve themselves and their communities. And while a degree opens doors, our mission is to ensure that when a Morehouse Man walks through them, they enter as a man of strong mind and character. A man who knows all he’s capable of. A man who knows himself. A leader. A man in full.

Morehouse is trying to head off obvious conflicts between this ideal of Black manhood and its appeasement of the transgenderist juggernaut by employing methods such as this:

Where there is a conflict between the student’s self-identified gender and the sex that appears on documentation such as an academic transcript or documents provided as part of the financial aid process, the student is strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions for a discussion around the desire to attend a single gender men’s college and how they self-identify in terms of gender.

Good luck with that. The whole point of the transgenderist movement is to gut single gender colleges and anything else that smacks of the dreaded heteronormativity. An admissions officer can have “discussions” til kingdom come with a transgender zealot, but the college will probably get sued in the end.

Farewell, Morehouse Man.

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