Fermentation is Riddled With Racism, Says University of Southern California Student Journalist

Ah, you may have thought that you could eat that sandwich without having to face up to your complicity in white supremacy. But nooooooo.

According to an October 11, 2021 column entitled, Good Taste: White people’s sourdough craze highlights colonization in the University of Southern California Daily Trojan:

Despite fermentation’s rich history and multicultural span, Western practices predominantly informed the pandemic’s fermentation craze.

Horrors! Entrepreneurial white people are making money peddling sourdough! What could be more insidious and damaging to the oppressed than sinister and highly racist developments like this:

…bakers with thousands of Instagram followers can seek out brand deals, start their own podcasts and sell their own sourdough recipe books

These people are clearly racist criminals of the first order and we should all stop purchasing the racism-tainted food products they are nefariously selling to their complicit clientele.

I had no idea that a chemical process belonged to any race in particular and am so glad to be told that:

Fermentation is one of the many instances in which white people have taken work from communities of color and rebranded it.

Silly me—I thought people of all colors were just making bread, pickles and sauerkraut and selling them sometimes.

Thank goodness for woke student journalists who do their very best to politicize everything we do, make and sell. Don’t eat or drink anything without putting lots of guilt into everything involved. That is your anti-racism duty.

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