How to Be True to Yourself in a Woke Way: Bully Cashiers

One of the major attributes of the transgender wokester is the need to be as unpleasant as possible to those with less power than the wokester. Part of the transgender thing is to drone on about kindness and tolerance even as the wokesters provide telling examples of their own bullying of others.

Our example for today is a revealing piece in The Harbinger, the student newspaper at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois.

The op-ed, entitled Keeping it REAL: my identity is not yours to decide is a classic example of how so many woke people push their issues with identity onto others and make everything a battle in which the woke person is portrayed as being brave in the fight for recognition. What is actually happening, of course, is that the wokester is being obnoxious. (But then, that is a badge of honor to the crusading left.)

The writer starts out by telling us that he is line at the college bookstore and that there are several other people in line behind him. He decides to get into a wrangle with the clerk (who is probably making a quite small wage and under the stress that so many retail jobs entail) over issues of identity:

The cashier, visibly irritated, told me that the name on the ID doesn’t match the one on their screen.

“Well, the name on my ID is my chosen name, and both names are mine,” I said.

“That is not your name. This is not your real name,” the cashier announced in front of the whole entire line of students waiting to check out.

Startled, I replied, “Well this is my chosen name, and Harper put it on my ID.”

They immediately snapped back in a heightened tone: “You need to tell them to put your REAL name on your ID.”

“That is my real name,” I said firmly, standing my ground.

The cashier then broke eye contact and handed over my receipt and stood in silence.

Several aspects of this account are worth noting.

First, the writer is annoyed with poor proletarian who is simply trying to complete the transaction so that he or she can help the next person in line.

Second, the clerk is simply stating the facts about how purchases are made in the bookstore. This is not something that needs to be turned into a federal case.

Third, the writer does not do the person the courtesy of giving him or her any identity, such as he or she. The non-woke person is just a blob, a dehumanized, unwoke “they.”

And who can blame the clerk for standing in silence at the end given that the encounter has escalated from what should have been a routine transaction to a battle over identity?

The writer goes on to suggest that employees need to be indoctrinated into the ways of the woke:

Harper employees need more sensitivity training on what to do when interacting with those who have chosen names and chosen identities —this should not be happening.

He is right—this should not be happening. Wokesters need better manners and to develop sympathy for retail and other service workers who simply do not have the time to make every interaction an exercise in the therapeutic for troubled young people with identity issues.

Note the self-pitying tone of the writer and lack of empathy for the other people in line or the clerk who is doing his or her job according to the rules, which, by the way, are probably in place to protect bookstore customers from identity theft and the store from fraud:

I left that interaction feeling dejected, confused and uneasy.

Oh, boo hoo.

And yet this oh so courageous young man who bullies clerks and creates scenes at checkout lines pulls himself together and says:

I happen to have thick skin, and I advocate for myself when I need to.

And after establishing that he is a person who bullies working people trying to get through the day and who are trying to help the other people in the establishment get on with their days, he then presents himself as a champion of courtesy and fairness to all:

Using words to empower one another will only help everyone thrive. Harper employees need to apply the change they wish to see — not just sign off on it.

I hope that by sharing my experience, we can all be more thoughtful and lead with kindness.

The change they wish to see? You mean like ensuring a climate in which transgender jerks get to lord it over those less powerful than they are? That is not thoughtfulness and that is not kindness.

The lack of self-awareness in this article is not, sad to say, rare among the woke. The clerk was not “empowered.” He or she was bullied and dragged into personal identity-related resentments of the writer and into the increasingly aggressive cultural war of the transgenderism movement.

As the writer says:

Many are now “woke,” and Harper College has championed itself as a leader in social awareness.

I bet that clerk was glad to go off shift and get away from social awareness for a few hours at least.

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