One Troubled Student at a Time: How Universities Work With the Transgenderist Movement to Undermine Parents

What is a university for?

American society is being presented with a fait accompli by the sexual left the result of which is that colleges are increasingly no longer places of learning and sites of preparation for employment or entrepreneurialism. Rather, under this new regime they are becoming merely venues for a minority of young people who identify as “queer” to work out gender issues and, often, to condemn the entire non-queer world and to be trained in how to undermine it. This is an abuse of taxpayer money, a huge amount of which is now subsidizing the culture war that the transgenderist movement is waging on the “heteronormative.”

You need look no further than the websites of student-run media outlets to note news items that help us gauge the level of spending on centers for queerdom and events that are being funded by colleges—and at state colleges, this is taxpayer money or money donated by wealthy leftists without much public input or oversight. One such person is Jeffrey A. Conrad—see below for what he has wrought at Penn State.

One of the most common types of opinion pieces in college newspapers these days is the queer coming out essay in which a young person who has decided that he or she is “queer” (or “nonbinary,” etc. etc.) tells the world all about his or her supposed struggles.

Sometimes, the tone is strident. Sometimes, it is self-pitying.

There is a related genre: a straight news story in which several students tell their self-valorizing sob stories to sympathetic student reporters. Such stories are packed with quotes about what an awful burden it is to have to live in a “heteronormative culture.”

What is shocking about today’s example of the latter genre is how openly a staff member at a taxpayer-funded university boasts of inserting herself between such young people and their relationships with their parents.

As reported in The Daily Collegian, a student-produced news outlet published independently at Pennsylvania State University, some staff members at the school have no problem with Penn State students denouncing and renouncing their actual parents (who in many cases are supporting the school either through taxes or even more onerously through tuition for the ingrates who are being indoctrinated at their expense).

First, though, the transgender movement has to create a climate of fear so that entities like Penn State’s Jeffery A. Conrad Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity can justify their existence by providing a “safe haven” for students who are so obsessed with sexuality-related issues that they need succor from agenda-heavy, self-interested activist bureaucrats in the first place:

all said having access to the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity on campus has helped them “feel really safe.”

Oh, this all so healthy for young people. A queer subculture fueled by a non-faculty professional activist class is teaching students that in the evil “cisgender”-dominated world their actual parents are not to be trusted—the staff of activist entities are:

…director of the center, said she believes creating a safe environment for students stems from the “connection with the students.”

“Our student staff and our core staff being able to walk out and have conversations with the students you know, ask them what they need, what we can help with… I think that is a bit different for [the students] compared to being in a classroom or in a residence hall where they might not have an affirming roommate…

said she feels like herself and the other staff members are “like [the students’] parents.”

Well, they are not the students’ parents—they are certainly not paying the tuition bills, for one thing. And they have not given birth to the student in question or raised him or her. It is truly scary that a state university would condone such meddling in the family lives of other people’s children.

But then again, some of the students quoted are so self-centered and exploitative that one can imagine that the parents would be better off severing ties with such little creeps.

For example, we read comments from some of these sexuality-obsessed young people such as (and note the confusing use of “they” instead of he or she—muddled language and lack of clarity is a major component of transgenderism):

For Penn State student Lyze, they came out as nonbinary to their parents the day before their parents left campus after move-in weekend.

Note that this student makes sure that the student’s parents have been stuck with said student’s college expenses before the student renounces them:

“The whole potential parents throwing you out and cutting you off, it’s a little harder to do that, I think, when you’ve already paid for at least a semester of college,” Lyze said. “I was separated and had the distance if they were really not accepting, so that’s why I came out to them then.”

Take the money and then come out.

And look at this utter callousness (and weird language—themself?) towards the student’s parents—way to go, Penn State, on fostering family division:

Although Lyze said there’s acceptance within Penn State, they still face resistance from their parents at home. Lyze said they will continue to advocate for themself through it all.

“It’s such a different role here where everyone is just calling me the correct name, and then I go home and my parents still aren’t really doing it,” Lyze said. “There’s some progress and compromise being made, but it’s an ongoing struggle.”

Here is another student who is benefitting from a Penn State education—such eloquence!!

“It f------ sucks. It’s annoying that the default is assumed to be [cisgender] and straight, and I have many grievances with it,” …“It literally took me coming to college to feel more comfortable expressing myself, and then being trans I can do this here, and I can’t do it at home cause my parents would flip their s---.”

Getting back to the student Lyze—this person is one calculating customer who seems perfectly fine with accepting financial support from her otherwise non-accepting parents:

“It is way better to live as yourself, but getting completely cut-off is — especially at college age — not necessarily something you can do,” Lyze said. “It’s not the best, but I’ll get through it.”

Not like Lyze’s parents have anything to get through, mind you.

But never fear, Lyze can rely on the pseudo-parents of Penn State’s Jeffery A. Conrad Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity—right up until Lyze can’t pay tuition anymore or graduates at Lyze’s long-suffering actual parents’ expense.

It is any wonder that average people are starting to question the value of higher education. Why send your kid to Propaganda U?

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