Out of the Picture: ADT Security Services Ignores the Existence of the Traditional Family in Ad

Think of them as the family not invited to the party.

When one is in deep couch potato mode and channel surfing, too inert to switch the station so as to avoid ads, one starts to notice what group is increasingly excluded from the various types of happy households featured in them. That group is, of course, the traditional family of mother, father and children. And forget about seeing commercials containing any suggestion that such households can include an elderly parent being cared for.

The ad, “It's Safe to Say” put out by the home security service company ADT features a sterile suburbia populated by every conceivable constellation of what the woke deem acceptable as families. We see, for example:

A same-sex male couple—the men are trim and affluent looking, striding on the lawn beside the nicely trimmed hedge of their well-maintained home in what looks to be an affluent neighborhood.

A middle-aged African-American man and his late adolescent son cooking together. Kudos to ADT for showing a black father and his child. But heaven forbid that they would show a black father AND a black mother AND a black child in the same shot.

A fortyish white couple bringing balloons and what appears to be a bouquet which they present to the black son for what appears to be a birthday party. No children in tow. They appear to be “child free.”

The ad ends with the homosexual men, one of them planting their ADT sign firmly on that well-maintained lawn. The message seems to be, “There we go! We have created a sanitized world cleansed of any of those noisy, germ-carrying, disruptive, heteronormative, small child-infested, baby-carrying father and mother-headed families. Who wants to associate with people with such archaic ideas of family structure? If there has to be a child, it has to have only one parent and no siblings and cannot be under the age of fifteen or so—the better to look as though he is about to head off to college shortly and return occasionally—and certainly without a wife or children—at least not at the same time.”

And this is a security services company. I guess it protects everybody but households comprised of a mother, a father and more than one child and none who is not in his late teens.

So, what should conservatives do with this strange representation of what America, as the left likes to say, “looks like?” Basically, just note it when you make your service-procuring purchasing decisions. Maybe even tweet to the company involved (not like they are going to reply, but making a tiny protest about the erasure of the traditional family from the advertising landscape never hurts) asking why they seem to loathe father-mother headed, child-abundant families.

One wonders if this anti-traditional family mindset at ad agencies and the marketing departments of sizable corporations stems from actual animus towards child-centered, father-mother-headed family life or if the majority of people who work for such firms regard such families as passe and not likely to be able to afford the services they are peddling. Such families, after all, have to spend money on tiresome things like diapers and the occasional bicycle for their children. Maybe the advertising people fled such families as soon as they could so that they too could live in a bland world where everyone is upper middle class and where all the denizens are immunized against unhygienic bothers like babies and tiresome toddlers and anyone under 15 and free of having to deal with ghastly people like a married man and wife and their offspring.

Keep an eye out for what sorts for families are visible out there in ad-dom. You could even start keeping a chart for fun. A new TV-related pastime, “Spot the traditional family!” There are fewer and fewer of them in the antiseptic TV-commercial landscape. Plenty of single youngish women and their dogs. Quite a few single older ladies and elderly men being looked after by paid caregivers. But mom and dad caring for more than one (maybe two) kiddiewink in the same shot—not very often. Save in car ads—and that is usually for comic effect, not heartwarming ones. Dogs tend to be the focus of anything emotional.

What groups is ADT interested in safeguarding? Clearly not traditional families. It’s up to you, Mom and Dad, to keep your home safe. ADT has other fish to fry.

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