Panic Strikes Editors of The Daily Orange, the Student Newspaper at Syracuse University, When They Realize That They Have Published a Non-Woke Item About the Sexualization of Everything at the School

I am going to be fairly brief here because I want to get this item posted while the news is still fresh.

Here is the story. Like many people concerned about the wokeification of American academia and the slide into sexual decadence and mindless promiscuity of young adults at American colleges, I often visit the websites of student publications to see what is happening on those fronts.

Last night, I came across a moving plea by a student at Syracuse University in its student newspaper, The Daily Orange. The piece is entitled, SU’s campus is becoming saturated with inappropriate sexual events.

I read it and found it heartening that a university student, troubled by the excessive sexualization of so much of campus life at his institution, was brave enough to speak out in print. The writer was a young man whose name was given in the byline. I meant to tweet it out right then, but was busy with other things and made a mental note to do so in the morning.

But, when I looked up the article again just now, I found that, whether through his own choice (now that his piece has been deemed “hateful” by the editors who have now disowned it and he could, therefore, be cancelled--at great cost to this brave young man) or through an Orwellian re-writing of history by the editors of The Daily Orange, the byline now reads:

By Our Reader

I was able to find his real name by checking the cached version of the original article in Google. Maybe Google will delete that part of the historical record, too—which might be just as well given how vindictive the transgenderist movement and sexual left generally are and how keen they are to destroy the lives of those stand up to them.

And what else do we see on the webpage of this touching protest about lewdness and misogyny in the form of drag queen-related events at Syracuse University? (And speaking as a woman who finds the whole drag queen sub-culture sexist and insulting, I am grateful to the chivalrous men and few brave women who condemn it—as this young man did in a notably compassionate but firm fashion).

We see this near libelous and probably career-damaging statement by the editors who, rather than sticking with their brave decision to publish something that pushed back against the sexualization of campus life at their school, and who have obviously gotten an earful from outraged elements in the LGBT—etc. etc. community have, predictably, thrown the writer under the bus:

Disclaimer: The D.O. recognizes that this column contains hateful speech that harms and disrespects our readers and our community. We have decided to keep the column up so that we do not shy away from our mistakes, as doing so would be an additional injustice to our readers and our community.

and have made this cringe-making apology to the bullies who want to wipe from every corner of academia any trace of opposition to their campaign to advance the queer and pro-sexual license agenda, The Daily Orange apologizes for hateful column.

I am going to quote much of this craven apology and will bold the most appalling parts of it:

We apologize for publishing a piece that hurt and disrespected others.

Last night, The Daily Orange published a column about Syracuse University being inundated with sexualized activity and inappropriateness. This was a mistake to publish, and we realized that too late.

We apologize for publishing a piece that hurt and disrespected others. The Opinion section should be a space to have conversations and discussions, not to invite hateful discourse.

We realize our mistake in publishing this, and we know there is no way to correct this wrong. We have decided to keep the column up so that we do not shy away from our mistakes, as doing so would be an additional injustice to our readers and our community.

We apologize to our readers for failing to hold this column to the same standards as our other content. We will strengthen our vetting process for columns to ensure this doesn’t occur in the future.

So here we have a condemnation of a piece of writing by a slightly conservative student and a vow from the editor-in-chief of the student newspaper never to allow anything that is not woke to appear in its pages henceforth.

This blacklisting of conservative and moderate students and censorship of non-woke thought is happening at American colleges with shocking frequency. The amazing thing is that the woke police slipped up this time and let an eloquent non-woke piece get published. The wokesters won’t let that happen again.

And the students who are condemning as “hateful” fairly innocuous content from their one of their fellow students are student journalists who, you would think, would want to protect free speech.

I won’t quote very much from the article in question. But I ask you, does this sound hateful to you:

The fix is not to demonize sex, but it’s not to worship it either. The solution is really quite simple: to make intimacy intimate again.

Seems reasonable enough. But it has sent the woke brigades into a dissent-crushing panic.

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