Pronoun Madness Comes to My Hometown—Is Yours Next?

Well, little did I realize when I was setting up this blog in my exceedingly inexpert way that the wording I used to describe where I live, “Corvallis, Oregon--a hotbed of wokedom” would become applicable within just a few months in one of posts in this little chronicle of wokeness in 21stCentury America.

But I have checked the mail for today and in addition to a catalog for women’s clothing that I really shouldn’t buy, but one has only so much self control—there was a Voter’s Pamphlet about an upcoming special election here in Corvallis.

Cool--instant material for this blog!

Civic-minded as I am (one must keep up on the latest attempts to destroy one’s community, don’t you know), I did a quick check of the various ballot measures on tap and sighed and growled as I read the title of one of them, Charter Amendment: Removing Gender Specific Pronouns throughout City Charter (Measure 2-133).

Yes, folks. The transgender obsessives are at it again. The question being put to us voters here in this university community in a very blue state (I can hear my fellow conservatives chiding me, “Well, what do you expect living where you do?”) is this:

Shall the City Charter be amended to remove gender specific and binary pronouns?

I am assuming that the City Charter can’t amended without a vote of the people of Corvallis. Otherwise, the wildly woke city council would have just gone ahead and tried to deny biological realities on its own.

And note the deviously limited timeline that anyone who does not want the concept of men and women to be expunged from the foundational document of our city was given, “On June 7, 2021, the City Recorder published the ballot title.  No elector filed a petition to review the ballot title by the June 16, 2021 deadline.” There is a pandemic and one would have liked more notice than that about a vast change to how people here govern themselves.

It is not solely basic facts of biology that are under attack by the transgender juggernaut and its woke allies, it is the English language—and common sense. The ballot measure says:

When possible, gender specific and binary pronouns would be replaced with the noun, title or position from the same sentence, paragraph or section. Where using a pronoun is necessary, the pronouns “they” or “their” are used as the singular non-gender specific pronoun.

Helloooooo—“they” and “their” are not, you know, singular—except in the heads of transgender and/or very mistaken people.

So, language is being stripped of clarity and all meaning to make a tiny but highly aggressive minority happy. Here is an example of the idiocy of treating what is obviously singular as plural. “I love my mom. They is very nice.” Or, “I love my mom. They are very nice.”

And the people who want to amend the City Charter have the gall to say, “Pronoun references in the Charter are often unnecessary, and sometimes are ambiguous.” Actually, the use of “he” and “she” when referring to individual people is a hell of a lot less ambiguous than saying, “The house is on fire. My mom is in there! Please rescue them!” I mean, how many people are supposed to be rescued? How many moms are in danger?

Also, those who are trying to impose their own difficulties with gender on everyone else seem untroubled by the fact that they are demanding that the rest of the world revolve around them:

Qualified people who do not identify their gender within the binary of male or female should not be excluded from City offices by language in the Charter.

You can identify any way you want—just don’t expect the rest of us to enter your confused, confusing world of ambiguity and imprecision.

Moreover, a person who thinks of him or himself as “they” is suffering from a sort of delusion and should not be in government or public service employment.

You may say, “I'm sorry,  but I don’t much care what happens in Corvallis, Oregon or what its woke city council is trying to pull.” Fair enough. Just bear in mind that what happens in blue college towns often seeps and creeps into other locales. Therefore, be vigilant and keep an eye on your city council, county commissions, etc. They are going to play pronoun footsie with you sometime soon.

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