Student Government Association at Tax-payer-Funded University of Houston Says Display Your Pronouns or Face Expulsion From Organization—Because It Wants to be Inclusive

We all have heard about the growing movement by the woke left to advance their culture war via, of all things, pronouns. Today, we will examine an example of this at a sizable public research university, the tax-payer funded University of Houston.

The key point here is that left-wing students are a) trying to force all students to state what their “preferred pronouns” are—thereby engaging in compelled speech and dragooning everyone into the woke wars and b) forcing students to refer to others by their “preferred pronouns.”

For example, if you are like me a smallish actual woman, you would be required to refer to a hefty, bearded man as “she” because that is his preferred pronoun. To do otherwise would be “misgendering” him and that would not be allowed under the proposed rules. If a woman dared to defend genuine womanhood and refused to enter into the delusionary world of said hulking man, the woman would face expulsion from student government—all in the name, in the very twisted world of wokedom, of “inclusivity.”

And remember, this is all funded by the long-suffering taxpayers of Texas.

If you want further details, check out the January 31, 2022 article entitled Pronoun bill brought to SGA Senate floor in The Cougar the official student-run news publication of the University of Houston.

In that article, we read:

If the bill passes, students in SGA will be required to display their pronouns in their Zoom name, along with referring to others using their preferred pronouns. If members refuse to do so or purposely misgender someone, they will face expulsion.

So, students at a public institution will be forced to spend their time engaging in the endless self-labeling games that the wokesters are increasingly forcing onto the rest of society.

It is just bizarre that in a university setting that one would be required to be state something like, “I am so and so. I am a woman. My preferred pronouns are she, her…” Would I be allowed to say, “Please refrain, left-wing oppressors, from referring to me as “they?”

One striking aspect of this plot to force pronoun absurdity down the throats of students at a state-funded institution of higher education is that the co-author of the bill makes quite clear that its intent is to rid student government of anyone who questions the right of “queer and trans and gender-nonconforming students” to dictate how other students refer to themselves and others:

This person:

…hopes this bill will divert people who deliberately make transgender people uncomfortable stay away from joining SGA

In other words, if you are not in total ideological alignment with the sexual left, you can forget about participating in student government. Oh, that is so inclusive. And so conducive of the development of a diversity of ideas at a university and such good training for life outside in it in a diverse democracy.

This person also has a strange understanding of truth in that referring as “he” to someone who is clearly a woman is engaging the act of lying and forcing other people to engage in lying is not doing what the co-author of this bill says here:

“I want this to be a given truth, a truthful piece of legislation that sticks.”

Let us hope that some of the students at this fine institution will defend liberty of thought and personal conscience and not allow queer activists to render student government an exclusive playground of the wacky woke.

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