The Boo-Hoo Brigade: Queer Princeton Student Grumbles That Her Queer Compatriots Are Not Sufficiently Open to Various Subcategories of Queerness

Let’s say you are one of the very few people allowed to attend Princeton University. You are given the privilege of matriculating at one of the most prestigious, most academically rigorous colleges in the world. What do you do when you get there? Why, write an opinion piece in the college newspaper whining that you are queer and that other queer people at your Ivy League institution are being mean to you, of course.

That is what the author of the September 26, 2021 opinion piece in The Daily Princetonian entitled, Princeton’s queer community is often biphobic and transphobic. Where do we go from here? did.

Now, you may be thinking, “Look, we all know that there is a lot of craziness on college campuses, particularly Ivy League ones, these days. Why do you bother blogging about it?” Good question, dear reader!

Answer: Because I am plagued with the strange notion that those who are given an opportunity denied to the vast majority of the American population have a moral obligation to represent their institution with a modicum of decorum and perhaps a sense of honor and to avoid giving the impression that its student body consists of emotionally stunted, gender-identity-obsessed brats.

Because that is certainly the vibe of that article. It reminds one of junior high school nastiness (nasty as in smutty-minded and as in cruel towards others). I can speak with some authority on this being, as I am, a former 12-year-old.

Another reason to lament that these sorts of rants are quite common in Ivy League college newspapers these days is that, like it or not, the graduates of these institutions tend to go on to become movers and shakers in American society and to set the sociocultural tone for the rest of us. That being the case, one does not want the ruling class to get the idea from its college paper that everyone around these princelings should slavishly pander to their LGBTQIA+ etc. etc. etc. etc. agendas and neediness.

Writers of pieces in this genre live in a constant state of alert as to the slightest slight when it comes to their gender identity. Luckily for the rest of us, the ire of this particular writer is aimed at her fellow queers. We non-queers are let off relatively lightly with a mere swipe at “cisheteronormativity” and this rather curious passage:

When I told my so-called “ally” of a boyfriend at the time, for instance, that I thought I might be bisexual or pansexual, he told me he was disgusted by the thought of me with another woman and that my sexuality was something he refused to accept.

How silly of a young man dating what he thinks is a heterosexual woman to not cheerfully get with her program of her engaging sexually with women while dating him. How backward of him. How intolerant. It is unthinkable that a heterosexual person would prefer not to get dragged into alternate universes where basic biological facts do not apply.

But, as I say, the target of the writer’s fury is her fellow queers and the article is mainly concerned with the emotional and attitudinal intricacies of the hothouse life they all lead.

This student at one of the famous colleges in the world living in a society in which Pride Month is on the calendar of every major political, corporate and academic entity and in which there is now a “National Coming Out Day” writes:

Precarity, isolation, suppression of identity, and feelings of difference are often normalized parts of existence as a queer person in today’s world.


I was young and self-absorbed myself once, so I suppose I should not pick on these twentyish LGBTQIA+ narcissists and should leave them to their internecine spats. It is just that Ivy League students and their schools (Sigh! Alas!) really do matter simply because of the cachet of the degrees they get. (When was the last time, for example, you heard a public figure referred to in a news story as “the University of Iowa-educated…?”) They have access to the best professors anywhere. They wield a disproportionate influence in our society. That is why, dear reader, I take the time to highlight what these future members of the ruling class care about—things like, you know, pansexuality. And if you are not into that, you are a bigot. And the people who write articles like this have pretty much guaranteed entrée into the corridors of power and will write laws and run universities and foundations and banks and so forth.

Just so you know.

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