The Child-Damaging, Misogynistic, NPR-Friendly Mother: Woman Says of Her Son, “Our daughter let us know that she was a girl at a very young age.”

Parents must obey their “trans” children. The rest of us must go along with what these dysfunctional families demand. This is where we are with the rise of radical gender ideology at public radio.

A woman refers to her son throughout an interview as her daughter. She says she is providing her son with a “girlhood.” The female interviewer finds nothing disturbing in this. The mother is presented as a hero for letting her “trans” son drive the life of the entire family. There is no acknowledgement of the possibility that indulging him in his dysphoria is doing damage to his siblings or is unjust to the children outside the family who are expected to go along with his delusion that he is a girl. There is no indication from either the mother or the interviewer that letting young males determine for a society what it means to be a female is perverse and misogynistic.

The transcript of the September 20, 2022 interview, A Girlhood: Letter to My Transgender Daughter is disturbing reading. The interviewer, Melissa Harris-Perry, lets the mother emote for several minutes and there is no real questioning of any of the tropes of transgender ideology. This radical view of humankind is treated as a given, as if a little boy telling his parents that he thinks he is a girl and that everything in his family’s life must henceforth be predicated on this boy’s tragic delusion is no big deal.

Before we examine some of what is said in this bizarre exchange, let’s think about the title of the interview. Let’s start with the word “girlhood.”

A girlhood is the childhood of a girl. It should be a time of innocence, safety and security for girls.

But public radio has decreed that, no--girlhoods must become highly sexualized arenas for the extremely weird parents of troubled boys to live out their mutually reinforcing campaigns of forcing onto society the view of said boys that there is no such thing as an actual girl. Anyone can be a girl—including boys who want to reduce biological reality to nothingness and to whirl around in dresses. This is an insult to all girls and all women. It hands over the very basis of human reality to a tiny, dysfunctional sliver of society and is the essence of misogyny and sexism. But hey, Harris-Perry and her pro-transgenderist confederates at public radio are okay with that.

Moving along from the travesty of using the word “girlhood” to describe the lie that this troubled boy is forcing those around him to tell about his actual sex, we come to the next falsehood. To wit, that the son in question is actually a daughter.

No,  troubled mother. Your son is not your daughter. You may think you are helping him by indulging him in his adamant, insane insistence that he is a girl. You are wrong. He is a boy and no amount of gushing about your own supposedly enlightened parenting can make him your daughter—no matter what public radio and your publisher think. A daughter is a biological female. You son is a boy playing dress-up and you should have said to him, “Son, I love you. But you are a boy. When you are a grown man, you can make such life-changing decisions about sex. But you are too young to do so now.”

We will now move on to the interview itself. Note the falsehoods in the first few sentences of the introduction. Harris-Perry says of belated attempts at the state level to rein in radical gender ideology and protect children from “medical” practices such a puberty blockers and surgical mutilation:

Most of these actions target trans youth and include healthcare restrictions, exclusion from sports, and proposing state action against parents for affirming their child's gender.

That one sentence contains a plethora of Orwellian phrases. If you try to protect a girl from having her breasts sliced off, you are “targeting” her. If you try protect a young boy from having his penis cut off, you are “targeting” him. If you try to protect healthy children from being pumped full of drugs aimed at preventing their bodies from developing naturally, you are “targeting” them. If you try to prevent troubled boys from destroying girls’ sports, you are “targeting” such boys. If you do not agree that it is “affirming” for a girl to be told by radical gender ideologues that she would be happier as a boy, you are “targeting” that girl. And this is from a woman, Harris-Perry, who presents herself as a feminist.

Let’s hear from the mother herself now. Note how from the get-go she expects the audience to accept her own fantastical belief that children get to tell their parents what sex they have decided to be and that it was a terrible misunderstanding that the child was “assigned” his or her actual sex by some evil medical establishment. The mother just goes along with what her “trans” son says, as if contradicting him by pointing out to the little tyrant the obvious fact that he is a boy would not be loving:

Our daughter let us know that she was a girl at a very young age. She was assigned male at birth, she's our fourth kid.

The weird passivity of this wording is astounding, “Our daughter let us know that she was a girl…”

What we have here folks, is an obnoxious, disturbed boy telling his parents that he is a girl and the parents basically saying, “Okay, sweetheart--whatever you say. We will all ride roughshod over reality from now on. I am sure your siblings will suffer not a whit of trauma from this upheaval in our family.” This woman is blind to the total abdication of her responsibility as a parent not only to her son, but to her other children. They are voiceless.

Note the total surrender to a monument of willfulness and the “experts” that this mother tells us of:

We had very little understanding. When she started to be consistent, persistent, and acute in her gender identity really young, we listened and we did the research and we spoke with experts. Then we let her, at a certain point, go by female pronouns, put a barrette in her hair, choose her own clothes, and go by a nickname.

Note too, the boy’s obsession (so common to “trans women”) that being a girl is all about hair and attire. What a reductionistic view of females. But the sexism of the little boy is not remarked upon by the mother or Harris-Perry.

As to the experts, to their credit at least one apparently gave sound advice, but the zealot mom dismissed it:

Harris-Perry: Your daughter very early on was very clear about her own identity and yet some of the professional advice that you were receiving was to push back against that identity. Can you talk to me a little bit about the nature of that advice and how you decided to move away from that and to be gender-affirming?

The mother just says dismissively:

I understood where that researcher was coming from

But she clearly thinks that adults should have very little say in fundamental questions of biology and that parents should defer to their children in such matters:

We give kids space to be non-binary or to move through this and think about it in their own way and on their own terms, and that we're really following their lead.

No, crazy mother. Your job is protect your son from thinking that he gets to make other people do and say whatever he tells them to.

The mother enthuses about the son’s assault on the very basis of girlhood innocence and says how intellectually interesting this weirdness is:

Parenting a transgender child has been fascinating and amazing journey.

Yeah, I am sure that the parents of the little girls this boy is now forcing to treat him as one of them are thrilled to be on this journey, too.

The mother of this boy continues—this time in a self-congratulatory tone:

We became much broader people. We were seeing the world in a new way and she really kicked the doors of our heart wide open.

Yeah, giving in to the radical, sexist demands of troubled boys is definitely broadening.

She goes on in a vapid mix of New Age gibberish and junk science:

For us, it's been an interesting journey in terms of faith but also science and just the incredible architecture of the brain and humanity.

The mother faults the world for “misgendering” her son (i.e. for not being willing to participate in someone else’s gender dysphoria):

think about trans kids who are just misgendered all day every day that that is their constant, and how they're looking out at the world and not seeing themselves seen in any way, it's a real erasure when you're not seen for who you are in such a fundamental way

You are not “who you are” by simply saying, “I am a girl” when you are, you know, a boy.

Things get increasingly creepy in the interview when the mother rhapsodizes about how she and her son, a biological male, are forcing their way into the world of girlhood so that he may be fulfilled—and to hell with anyone who gets in their way. Other people (such as actual little girls) simply do not matter:

As a witness, record keeper, and archivist, I found universal truths about the richness of gender, motherhood, girlhood, the intricate and stunning architecture of the brain, the long history of trans people, botany and migration, the science of seeing and being seen, God and feminism, and the world that takes shape around her. This is the story of opening a space for her girlhood and holding that space viscerally.

As is common in the writing of pro-transgenderist propagandists, the mother here reveals herself to be a narcissist (e.g., witness, record keeper, and archivist) of titanic proportions and that she is grooming her son to think of himself as a hero of epic dimensions—and that his family is merely a platform for the grand project of the glorification of him and only him:

It's the story of my body as a mother and this family as a larger body that built itself around her to hold that space collectively. One day, she might choose to write her own story or make art from these pages or upcycle them into armature or a gown or something we can't imagine. She will create her own grand mythology as we all should.

And what kind of a mother defines her own womanhood by the desire of her son to be a girl? That is a strange view of what it means to be a woman and a mother. And the woman’s husband and her three other children are treated as merely foot soldiers to be commanded by the crusading mom and her self-centered son.

Harris-Perry feeds this women’s megalomania by lauding her:

commitment to her child's health, safety, humanity, and freedom against an onslaught of anti-trans state regulations is a harrowing narrative of parental love as is her openness to learning from her daughter

Health? Letting a boy think he is a girl is good for his health? It is an expression of parental love to kowtow to one’s child no matter how delusional or dictatorial the child is?

The mother makes clear that much of her adherence to radical gender ideology stems from the fact that it frees her from the mundane rules of normal, responsible parenting and biological fact and enables her to show the world how enlightened she is:

I was certainly liberated by the idea that gender is a social construct

Gender is not a “social construct.” You don’t become a girl by wearing a barrette.

This mother’s grandiose view of herself borders on the edge of mental illness—it is no wonder that the local child safety authorities came calling one day:

what we're talking about here is something very deep when she told me and it really was clarified for me, she was talking about her beauty. She said, "When you say, I'm beautiful, say she is beautiful." For me, that was no one gets to say except for you yourself how your beauty is seen. That is you and so for me, that was a real deep, almost the level of her soul of her divinity that I saw there, that we're talking about something very different than just the scaffolding of gender

“Her” divinity? This is what public radio regards as no big deal: portraying as a model mother a parent of a son who insists he is girl and who allows her son to insist that his mother refer to him as a beautiful girl and who regards this brat as a god-like creature. This is beyond bizarre.

And this woman who talks of her son as a sort of “trans” Jesus figure goes on to say of those who oppose transgenderist excesses:

there are people who want to make this a divisive issue, who want to use it for political purposes. They're making up problems where there are no problems, targeting people with misinformation

Misinformation? Let’s see, would that include telling other people that your son is actually a daughter?

Finally, although the left often rages against “cultural appropriation” this mother seems perfectly happy to compare her situation to those who struggled with genuine oppression (and the racially-minded Harris-Perry says not a word, here):

It is hard sometimes to talk about, to use the Civil Rights Movement, but there are so many parallels, the right to education, the right to non-segregated bathrooms. A lot of the things that are going on in sports have similarities to the way Black athletes were first treated. It goes a long way back and also terrorizing families by threatening or by taking away their children that has a long history in the United States, in native populations, all the way up to what we saw at the border under the Trump administration, that was policy to rip families apart. There's a lot of lessons that can be transferable.

Sorry lady--your disturbed son is not Martin Luther King or Jackie Robinson. He is a brat and you are a narcissist and you are raising your son to be one. You are also peddling a misogynistic, retrograde view of girls that reduces them how they wear their hair.

Let us hope that state legislators stand fast in defense of actual girls.

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