The Decadent Druggies of Harvard: Romanticizing Drug Use

Here is the Ivy League of today in action:

…it’s time for Harvard and other universities to turn on, tune in, and drop out of their stigmas on drug use

Yes, boys and girls there have been absolutely no ghastly consequences from the drug culture. No lives wrecked. No damage to brains or bodies. Any policies aimed at trying to restrict drug use are stigmatizing and reactionary.

The editorial in the Harvard Crimson entitled, Make Room for ‘Shrooms seems to have been written mainly to be clicked on and to create some buzz about the oh-so edgy hipsters of Harvard. And here I am playing into the hands of these masters of media manipulation. Bad, bad me.

Still, it is worth a few minutes to think about what it means for a country that a cohort of students at one of its most prestigious universities is advocating the use of chemicals to solve perennial human problems such as trauma and depression and to do so via a weird mélange of so-called science and political libertarianism.

The editorialists write:

Policies that destigmatize psychedelics and educate students on safe drug use would better serve college campuses.

I see. Episodes of psychosis and seizures are “safe.” They should definitely be destigmatized.

The editorial manages to squeeze the now ritualistic condemnations of racism (as if recreational drug use on a massive scale has been a boon for people of color and the glamorization of it by elites, like Harvard students, has not wreaked havoc throughout American society) and several of the catchphrases of the day:

Student groups such as the Harvard Psychedelics Club has been reframing the popular narratives around psychedelic drugs and creating a safe space for student discussions.

To their credit, the writers of this piece do show a bit of insight into their own loopy ideas:

We know that it’s tempting to view a college newspaper Editorial Board’s calling for psychedelic decriminalization as self-serving and disingenuous…


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