The Latest in Woke Madness University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Edition: “Degender Menstruation,” Says Editorial in Student Newspaper

One of the most diabolical aspects of transgender ideology is the way it has worked its way into the brains of young people to the extent that they confuse sympathy with people who are struggling economically with outright lunacy when it comes to basic biology.

Take the ideas expressed in this March 21, 2022 piece in The Daily Tar Heel, the student newspaper at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Now on the face of it, this article Editorial: UNC should provide free menstrual products, resembles many such opinion pieces in college newspapers in recent months. The provision of tampons and other such feminine hygiene products free of charge is the left-wing cause du jour on many campuses. It has the advantage of making activists look caring—and if it makes all women look inept that does not seem to bother the activists.

But what seems like an innocuous campaign to spend a university’s money providing yet another service that only a small segment of the student population needs also contains some truly bizarre notions about male and female biology. And keep in mind, this gender-bending voodoo is not just a guest column by one troubled student. This is an editorial and, therefore, speaks for the publication and in a way, a major institution of higher education. To wit, as noted above, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The article starts off inoffensively enough:

It’s that time of the month. Your “monthly visitor,” like an overbearing relative who you can't escape, has arrived yet again at a very inopportune time.

Panicked, you raise your hand and ask your professor if you can use the restroom, where you discover that you forgot to replenish the menstrual products you usually keep in your backpack. You rummage through your pockets and shove some spare change into the dilapidated tampon machine, but to no surprise, it is empty.

One thing that strikes me as a little odd is this: in this day and age, would a university student raise her hand to ask for permission to use the restroom? I would think she would simply get up from her seat and, as unobtrusively as possible, make her way out of the classroom to the ladies room (if there any such wonderful things left in the days of transgenderism).

I think the purpose of this strange detail (unless this is how things are done in North Carolina) is to magnify the embarrassment women supposedly feel in such situations, the better to argue for free menstrual products.

In any case, the editorialists proceed to portray women as inefficient and bumbling. It is not that hard to keep such supplies on hand—particularly when such eventualities are called, well, periods and are therefore, you know, predictable. But it is harder to make the case for providing free stuff to efficient people. One must, therefore, make the intended beneficiary of one’s crusade look easily rattled and oppressed:

Students need these resources so that they can focus on learning, rather than fret over absurd costs, timely transportation and unjust stigmatization of their cycle.

Who is stigmatizing periods? It seems to me that most men do not sit around discussing menstruation. I don’t particularly want to, either. Kind of an icky topic, truth be told. But it is important to keep oneself apprised of the deleterious impact of transgenderism on the rest of us. It is peddling junk science and we need to say so. But before I get to that part, however, I will finish up with how this article belittles women in its quest to save them a few bucks once a month.

The writers scoldingly inquire:

…why has the University failed to adequately address the rampant stigmatization and inaccessibility of menstrual products?

As to the first, because there isn’t any stigmatization save in the minds of those who think that every woman is a victim of some patriarchal plot to make her feel bad over her sex. As to the second, not being able to find a menstrual product in a public bathroom is not an act of oppression. It just means you should keep such things handy, as millions of women do.

The writers, as college students always have, carp about expenses:

Students pay exorbitant fees — from tuition to costs associated with housing — yet something as simple and as necessary as pads and tampons are not made accessible.

But they do not seem to grasp that foisting the costs of such items and the maintenance of dispensers of such are not cost-free and help to drive up the cost of, you know, tuition.

And if there are condoms in public bathrooms isn’t that because they can prevent both pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases all of which can result from the loose sexual mores that the woke do their best to foster? Why would women complain about condoms in bathrooms and divert money from their provision given that condoms are of far more importance to the welfare of women in terms of their immediate public health concerns than tampons, etc. Lack of a tampon will not get you AIDS or syphilis. Lack of a condom might.

Ah, here is where the woke kookiness comes in. Women are not the issue. Transgenderism is, in that we read:

Publicly provided products — available to all regardless of gender identity — need to be at the forefront of UNC's public health agenda. Students should be able to rely on UNC staff to replenish these resources in a consistent manner, too. It's not uncommon for students to find tampon machines empty for months on end.

The reference to gender identity might at first seem to be a debatable matter of gender equity—the men get the free condoms; the women get the free tampons. Fair enough, you might say.

But the writers conclude with outright craziness:

It's a moral imperative for our institutions to provide basic necessities to preserve our health and hygiene. UNC has an obligation to destigmatize and degender menstruation by keeping such hygiene items visible, in public spaces and accessible.

What the ----? The University of North Carolina has a moral obligation to attack the very foundation of womanhood?

Like you, I imagine, I had never heard the weird term, “degender menstruation” before. But in the age of Google, it is easy enough to find transgenderist nuttiness presented as serious scholarship. In this summary, we read that the author:

works within a post-constructionist framework to critically explore the nature of menstruation, which many perceive to be a strictly female bodily function despite many scholars’ recognition that menstruators are of various gender identities. In challenging menstruation as a cisnormative phenomenon, the author explores various menstrual experiences among trans people and argues that cis and trans menstruators come to matter differently. More specifically, menstrual activism, public bathrooms, menstrual products, and the healthcare sector are problematized as areas wherein trans menstruators are Othered…calls for a recognition of the multiplicity of menstrual experiences as they exist and a degendering of menstruation as phenomena.

This is the kind of woke gobbledygook that the editorialists at UNC are taught and that they are normalizing in the pages of their campus newspaper. They state clearly at the end of the editorial that their aim is the “degendering” of menstruation.

And what exactly is that but the wiping away of an entire sex (namely, actual women) in order to make transgender people (who are either men who think they are women or women who, tragically for them, hate the fact that they are women and prefer to “present as” and be treated as men) happy.

And note that even though the article seems to be pro-woman, it does not once use the words “woman” or “women.” It uses other terms like “you,” “students,” “Americans” and “individuals.” Truly odd that an article in which the words “stigma,” “stigmatization” and “destigmatize” are used freely blots out from public discourse the words “women” and “woman.”

That is what it means to be “degendered,” ladies. Was there anything more misogynistic than transgenderism? Womanhood is wiped off face of the planet and scrubbed out of the English language. And all for the price of some free tampons.

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